Welten is a Leipzig-based band.
Their music reveals an intimate process of listening carefully to each others inspiration. This results in sensitive movements of sounds, that develop spaces between the common and the unheard.

Since December 2016 they've published four albums: Live im Laden auf Zeit (2017), Ycatú (2018), Akureyri (2019), Thaw (2022) and performed more than 80 concerts in Germany, Iceland, Switzerland and Austria. These include performances at Múlinn Jazz Club - Harpa in Reykjavik (Iceland) with Óskar Guðjónsson (ADHD), Deutschlandfunk Kultur, and festivals, such as Fusion, Seanaps, At.tension, Jazz and the City (Salzburg) and Skandalös. The track Ycatú was featured in the Spotify Playlist „State Of Jazz“. 

Anna Lucia Rupp: voice, synths, percussion
Valentin Mühlberger: wurlitzer, moog, voice
Lukas Backs: alto flute, transverse flute, percussion, bass clarinet
Laurenz Welten: alto sax, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Raphael Schuster: prepared drums, objects